Do you post the attic fans Australia wide?

Yes we use Australia Post and if you order from our website and click checkout, enter your postcode and it will automatically give you your cost of shipping

Can I fit these DIY?

Yes, a competent handyman can fit these very similar to a whirlybird installation on a tin or tiled roof.

Do they remove the heat in winter?

No, they are thermostatically controlled automatically to shut off at around + or – 23 degrees Celsius and back on at around 28 degrees.

Do they run at night?

No, they only work powered from the sun via the solar panel during sunlight hours.

Why don't they run at night, it's still hot in summer?

They use the Sun’s energy to operate and remove the build-up of hot air in your roof space all day until the Sun goes down.

Do they work when it's cloudy?

Yes but depends on how cloudy and what time of the day, the fans will run in the middle of the day at around 30 to 40% of their normal capacity as a rough guide.

How much are they or what do they cost?

One Inland fan is $655 to buy plus postage, plus installation of around $100-$150. One coastal fan (Aluminium & S/steel) is $755 to buy plus postage, plus installation of around $100-$150 depending on the fitter and low set, a high set is usually more depending on the fitter.

What are the basic comparisons between the traditional Whirly Bird and the SAF Series Attic Fans?

SAF Series Attic Fans draw energy from the sun via a PV panel and use this energy to power a long life brushless DC motor that in turn exhausts up to 2,250 cubic metres of air from the ceiling cavity. By comparison, Whirly Birds extract somewhere between 100-150 cubic. The most basic comparison is that the Solar Attic fan does the work or around 15 Whirly Birds in full sunlight and light to moderate breeze.

Can SAF Series Attic Fans reduce other energy costs in my household?

Most certainly. Reducing attic temperatures in Summer and reducing moisture from household attics in Winter is good for most households. Real money savings can result where the house is equipped with ducted air conditioning. By reducing attic temperatures by 8-10 degrees, air conditioning ducting becomes more efficient and the air conditioner is not working so hard. This results in direct energy savings and therefore electricity costs.

Can SAF Series Attic Fans be fitted with thermostats?

SAF Series Attic Fans are fitted with a thermostat As Standard! The thermostat switches on the Attic fan when the roof cavity reaches 28 degrees and then switches it off when the temperature reduces to 23 degrees. This function reduces the operation of the attic fan if it is not required and can also keep the ceiling heat in the attic in winter months to reduce the need for additional heating.

How does the SAF Attic Fan keep insects out of the roof cavity?

The SAF Attic Fan is fitted with a mesh insect screen As Standard!

My house I close to the Beach. Will my Attic Fan rust?

SAF Solar Attic Fans come in two models. The SAF15IN model is manufactured from galvanized steel, powder-coated to protect against inland conditions. The SAF15C Coastal model is manufactured primarily from stainless steel and aluminium and resists corrosion for sea-side installations.

Should the SAF Series Attic Fan be installed by a licensed installer?

The SAF Series Attic Fan is a DIY product for competent people working safely and with knowledge and experience of roof structures and sealing roof mounted appliances. Solar Powered can make suggestions for installers in your area who can safely and competently install the SAF Series Attic Fan on both metal and tiled roofs.

Note: Please refer to Solar Powered Installation Manuals and technical data sheets before installation or operation of any Solar Powered products. Failure to do so will void warranty.

What is different about the SE Series Skylight. Why should I consider this product over a traditional shaft type skylight?

There are several reasons why the SE Series PV / LED Skylight should be considered favourable against traditional shaft type skylights. These include

  1. The SE Series Skylight is fast to install and DIY by competent people

  2. There will be no potential leaks into the ceiling cavity following installation

  3. Insects cannot penetrate the roof cavity following installation

The LED light can be mounted up to 9 metres away from the roof-mounted PV panel

How does the SE Series PV / LED Skylight work?

A small roof-mounted PV Panel if fastened to the roof using fasteners provided in the kit. The PV panel has as standard a nine-metre cable with a plug at the end (no electrician required). This cable can be extended. The LED Light is quickly and easily flush mounted to the ceiling. Full instructions are available with each model supplied. The lead is plugged into the LED light via a DC controller and the job is done. So Power from the Sun is converted to energy and this energy is used to provide power to the LED Light. It’s that simple.

How does the light compare to a traditional shaft type skylight?

The light from the SE Series Skylight is similar in many ways to the traditional shaft type skylight. As a cloud passes over, both styles will be subject to dimming and neither works at night-time with a separate AC source (available as an option for the SE Series Skylight)

Note: Please refer to Solar Powered Installation Manuals and technical data sheets before installation or operation of any Solar Powered products. Failure to do so will void warranty.

Who can benefit from owning a SR4410 Appliance Charger?

Ideal for students, campers and pretty well anyone who finds their appliance running short on charge and in a remote location.

What are the main features of the SR4410?

The SR4410 will act quickly to restore charge to your mobile phone or device without cost or inconvenience. Packed in a robust ABS case, the SR4410 is ideal to be clipped to school bags, carried on all sorts of transportation where it is quickly attached to the device and charging is commenced. In addition, the SR4410 has an inbuilt LED Torch and a compass.

Can the SR4410 be transported in raining conditions?

Yes, the SR4410 has a very high IP8 Weatherproof rating, is of robust construction and compact size with large capacity.

Note: Please refer to Solar Powered Installation Manuals and technical data sheets before installation or operation of any Solar Powered products. Failure to do so will void warranty.

What is the Solar Powered Motion Sensor Light

The SR4200 Solar Motion Sensor Light integrates a compact PV Panel with long life Grade A+ batteries and an intelligent sensing system. The SR4200 auto sensing solar motion light has a 16 LED display that will detect motion and switch from 30% power (dim mode) to 100% power (1 Watt)

Will the SR4200 turn off at night time?

The SR4200 when fully charged will stay on all night at 30% power and switch to 100% power when movement is detected.

Where can the SR4200 be installed?

The ideal locations for installation are on wally, pathways, around deck areas, round garages.

Does the SR4200 turn on during the day?

No, the SR4200 remains off in daylight hours to charge the battery

Does the SR4200 require any wiring?

No, the SR4200 is a DIY product without any additional wiring and is easily and quickly fastened to most surfaces.

What is the product warranty?

12 months from purchase date

How is the SR4200 activated initially when removed from the cardboard packaging?

In the packaging is a small pin-shaped object which is inserted into a small opening to the left hand side of the round sensor above the LED display. Push the pin shaped object into the small round slot until it reaches the bottom. A feint “click” is heard. The SR4200 is then activated. The Pin shaped object can then be stored for later use if required. This activation process prevents easy de-activation of the SR4200 by any unwanted visitors.

Is the SR4200 case built to last in Australia?

The housing material of the SR4200 is high quality UV stabilized ABS material, dustproof and rated to IP65 waterproof, perfect for outdoor use in Australia.

What are the specifications for the SR4200?

Size: Length is 105mm, Width is 53mm, Depth is 138mm. Sensitivity distance is 3 metres at 90 to 120 degrees sensitivity. PV Panel power is 5.5 Volt, 0.75 Watt. Working temperature is negative 5C to 60C

Note: Please refer to Solar Powered Installation Manuals and technical data sheets before installation or operation of any Solar Powered products. Failure to do so will void warranty.

What are some typical applications for the SP Series Integrated Light?

The SP Series Integrated Light is ideal for a multitude of applications including entrances to houses, garages and carports, public areas including schools, marinas, street lighting and carparks and camping sites, farms and other rural applications.

How is the SP Series Integrated Light mounted and does it need any wiring?

The SP Series Integrated light has fittings for either post mounting or wall mounting so completely flexible. There is no additional wiring required and mounting the light is DIY installation. Simply mount the light with the PV panel facing the sun and activate by pushing in the on-off button located on the light base.

Is the SP Series Integrated Light case going to last in our Australian sunshine?

The SP Series Integrated light case is manufactured from UV Stabilised ABS material, well suited to long life in our Australian sunshine. It has a 5W poly crystalline solar panel similar to PV panels already used in Australia for many years and the light is rated to IP65 weatherproof rating to ensure no water ingress is possible.

How does the light operate?

The charging time for the  Lithium Iron Phosphate battery is around 6-8hours in a temperature range of negative 20 degrees to 75 degrees C. While not detecting movement with its PIR control, the light brightness is restricted to 1 Watt (100 lumens). The infra-red sensor will detect movement at a distance of 7-9 metres at a detection angle of less than 140 degrees. When movement is detected, the light will switch to 5 Watts (500 Lumens). The brightness will change according to remaining battery power. Typically, the light is mounted 3-4 metres off of the ground with around 6-8 metres between lights.

Note: Please refer to Solar Powered Installation Manuals and technical data sheets before installation or operation of any Solar Powered products. Failure to do so will void warranty.