Installing a Solar Powered skylight is fairly easy with 3 simple steps.

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Step 1.

In the box is a red sticky circle that is the size of the cut-out hole for the skylight which is basically a big LED downlight. Position this where you want to fit the solar skylight and stick it to the ceiling. You can mark the centre of the circle with a cross which makes it easier to line up with existing lights etc if needed. Push a screwdriver through the centre of the circle and check to see in the attic that there are no cables or pipes before cutting out the hole. With a plasterboard saw or pad saw as they are sometimes called, cut out around the circle and remove the cut-out piece of plasterboard.

Step 2.

Get the solar panel and using the bolts, washers, and nuts supplied to fix the aluminium legs to the bottom of the solar panel. Measure where the hole is from the outside walls and with your solar panel, get onto the roof above and kick up one roof tile directly above the skylight. If you have a tin roof or colourbond as it is also called then you will need to either drill a hole above the skylight position or bend up one of the curved pieces of the ridge and drill a hole under there, then once the cable is dropped down apply a nice amount of silicon mastic and bend down the curved ridge piece and seal up if needed with the clear mastic. Back to tiled roof, drop the cable which is attached to the solar panel down into the roof space and leave enough slack to mount the solar panel and replace the roof tile.

Step 3.

The cable should be somewhere near the hole that has been cut out for the solar powered skylight, find the cable and bring it out of the hole. If the cable is out of reach you can use a broom to hook it over. Simply plug in the cable to the skylight and lifting the spring clips up position the light into the hole flush with the ceiling.

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